This section will explain all the song list of LEZ and how the song data, song buttons, and gameplay options works.


LEZ have an original song list design (at least the developer say that).

The design is simple: Song buttons in the left side of the screen, the game image as the background, and the song leaderboards in the down right corner

List of songs

In the list of song, when you select the song, the song info will appear in the box top right and it'll show the difficulty, duration of the song, the BPM (Beats per minute) of the song, the amount of notes, and your high score in the selected song.


To see the top 10 scores of the players of the song, go to the song list, select the song, and check the scores in the bottom right corner, you can set the leaderboards to "Global" or "Friends" (Leaderboards of friends will show the top scores of you friends you have added on Steam)