This section will explain all the gameplay of LEZ and how the scores, combos, leaderboards, and mechanics works.


LEZ have the keys game mode, a lot of games uses this game mode, such as osu!, Quaver, Friday Night Funkin', and more games, specially with 4 or 7 keys, this game only uses 6 keys for avoid the "copied idea", the main keys of LEZ are S D F J K & L (in order).

The concept of the gameplay is very simple, notes will fall down (only downscroll) and with your keys, touch the notes in the blue rectangular bar up to the keys and following the rhythm of the song.

Results screen

After you complete any song, the game shows you with a simple design the results of the song: your score, your maximum combo, your fails, and how many notes you touched.


Score value in-gameplay

The game have a little differente scoring system comparing to other rhythm games with this game mode.

Each note will give you a value of 100, 200, or even 300 points (300 if you hit in the perfect time, 200 if you it in a good time, and 100 if you hit at least in the bar), and every hit, it'll add +1 to the combo value.  In your score, each hit works with a code like this one: ScoreValue += (NoteValue * ComboValue); (NoteValue is one of the 3 values of the hit)

After you complete the song (if the gameplay is ranked), your score will be saved locally and uploaded to the Steam leaderboards of the song you played.


To see the top 10 scores of the players of the song, go to the song list, select the song, and check the scores in the top right corner, you can set the leaderboards to "Global" or "Friends" (Leaderboards of friends will show the top scores of you friends you have added on Steam)


There's a difference between Global Offset and Local Offset.

The Global Offset is applied to all beatmaps in the game, and the Local Offset is an offset value to a specific beatmap.

If there is any value set in the local offset, it will take effect with the Global Offset, adding both.

How it works

If you feel the beatmap a little bit offsync, after you die, the game will suggest you a local offset just for the song you're playing, the value will be generated by how early or how late you hit the notes. (Failed notes won't be added to generate a new suggested local offset).

For now if you want to change the local offset, you need to die in the song you're playing and click in the "Use suggested local offset" to set the new value.