This is the frequently asked questions that we received from the community

Is this game inspired to another game?

Yes, is inspired in osu!mania, other people says is similar to Guitar Hero or another game, but is specially inspired in osu!mania.

However, the main objective of the game is to make a different rhythm game comparing to other rhythm games.

Where can I check the game status if there's issues?

You can check it in the status page of Daztrax Studios and check the status of the API, click here to check the api status.

What does "your account is restricted" mean?

It means that your account got a restriction to some features of the game, depending of the reason it will apply a restriction to some features.

If you believe you have received a restriction for no reason, please contact us IMMEDIATELY by clicking here.

Is the game free or did I need to buy for play?

The game will be ALWAYS free to play, that means that the game will be free, but you can buy with the amount what you want when you will download the game for support the game.

If you want to support the development, you can get LEZ+ (not available yet)

Learn more about LEZ+.

Do you want to donate to support development while LEZ+ is in development? Read more here.

The gameplay will be only with 6 keys or can we change it?

The gameplay will be only with 6 keys (6K), because almost all the games like osu! (mania), Friday Night Funkin', etc, use 4 keys and we want to make the game more unique.

Will the game have support for custom skins?

We're planning to add support to add a customization system for the game, so you can customize the game however you want.

Can I play with circles or arrows instead of bars?

Since the main objective of the game is making a different game, you can only play with bars.

What does LEZ mean?

We choose that name for make it like osu! (like make an original name) and we have thought that it does NOT have a meaning, but we discovered that it have a lot of meanings that we dont want to tell for security (you can search if you want, but we think that is not recomended, as we said, for security)

Will the game have an editor mode?

Now this is confirmed, and yes, the game will have beatmap editor. We have thinking a lot about this and now we can finally add that, but there's some rules:

The beatmap editor is not available yet since it still in development.

Can I be a beta tester or can I get the game early or help you testing for upcoming versions?

If there's any available public beta, you can try it and send all the feedback on the Discord server, however, you can try some private betas with LEZ+ (when it comes out).

If you want to help to the developer on testing new stuff, the only way that you can playtest those versions are when the developer announce a new feature that requires some testing by the community. Asking the developer to be a beta tester decreases the chances of you being a beta tester.

Learn more about LEZ+.

Did I need to get access to internet to play?

For the Steam release, at least for play the official or downloaded songs, no, but maybe for get and submit scores to the leaderboards, is necessary to get access to internet, and also for launch the game since it need to check all the actual data in real time for keep a good experience to the players.

What is LEZ+?

You can see all the information about LEZ+ here.