Here you can know everything about the game and the team

LEZ is an indie game made by a really small team but developed by only one person, made in june in 2020 and with the objective of make a very creative rhythm game with an unique design and attractive.

Our two objectives are making a new and different rhythm game with the same gameplay mechanics and support small and not too small artists by adding their songs in the game and let the world listen to their names and works.

This game was made by only one person (Daztrax). As time went by, the game has been getting known and has received support to make the game development faster (Rug, creator of Redmatch 2, and Strix, creator of Final Nights at Freddy's (a FNAF Fan-game) and Sonic Horizons).

We have been trusted by small and big artists, labels, and even Intelec (a technology & gaming store in Costa Rica), thanks to their trust, we have been growing little by little despite being a not so well-known game but with more than 8k players on Steam.

The developer

The team is made up of beta testers and one developer, that developer is Daztrax, a very young guy who loves the creativity. He started making games on 2017, but until 2020, Daztrax decided to make a serious project, a rhythm game like osu!mania or Quaver when he was 15 years old, and that's how LEZ was born, he always takes things seriously, and if he wants LEZ to be his best game, he always tries hard.

In the beginning of 2021, Daztrax noticed how good was LEZ for him, making the decision of make LEZ his only game and avoid to make another game, but after the first release on Steam, he almost cancel the development of LEZ, and knowing that it was the best project he has ever done and how far he has come, but even if he was not happy at all due to all the negative reviews of the game, he decided to try to change, to let the people know behind the development and the team by showing to everyone how hard was his work to let the people give another game to enjoy. After that, the development keeps normal, but he always think about how the players dont think how hard is make a game alone with a very small team of beta testers and at the same time making his best.