LEZ+ is a donation subscription where you can get extra benefits with it in the game while you support the game and its development.

(LEZ+ is not available yet).

Why should I support the game? Where the money goes?

Cool, what benefits/perks do I get?


More benefits coming soon...



To get the LEZ+ subscription, you should go to the account options from the options menu, there's a "LEZ+" option, you click to the option of "Buy LEZ+", and the game will start the payment and its activation.

Take in mind that Steam will show the final price with your local currency for the selected plan.

This subscription doesn't have an auto renew system, that means that you need to buy it manually once it is expired if you want to keep it.

If you're boosting the Daztrax Studios Discord server for 2 weeks or more, you'll get up to 20% discount if you link your Discord account to the game.

Check our privacy policy.

Want to donate now?

Hey, we really appreciate your support. If you want to donate while LEZ+ is being developed, you can donate on the "Donate/Support the game" section.


When will LEZ+ be available?

The release date of LEZ+ is not confirmed yet, and we're not sure when it'll be ready for the release, but you can stay up to date on the Twitter or in the Discord server.

Is there gonna be different plans for buy LEZ+?

Yes, this is confirmed and you can check it here:

The final purchase price may vary depending on the region in which your Steam account is set up and its final price will be showed in-game in the LEZ+ menu.

Can the LEZ+ be renewed automatically?

Sadly, the LEZ+ won't be renewed automatically, however, if you want to keep using LEZ+, you can buy the subscription again once you current subscription expires.

How much is the discount for server boosters?

Here's the list of the prices with the server booster discount applied:

The final purchase price may vary depending on the region in which your Steam account is set up and its final price will be showed in-game in the LEZ+ menu.

Can the LEZ+ subscription be refunded?

The subscription cannot be refunded.

I purchased LEZ+ but I didn't get anything, what can I do?

If you have authorized the purchase of LEZ+ for any plan and it has not been activated or you have not received the subscription, please contact us by email or through our Discord server. We are going to ask you for the SteamID of your account to be able to identify your account and the subscription purchase transaction number that you receive in your email associated with your Steam account in order to verify that you have made the purchase and we will take care of solving your problem and activating the subscription for you.

NOTE: All accounts have a unique SteamID which are to identify each Steam account without exposing any sensitive information.

How do I claim the Discord server booster offer for LEZ+?

When LEZ+ comes out, there's gonna be an option to link your Discord account, once your Discord account is linked, you can get the offer by boosting the server as long as you have been boosting for a minimum of 2 weeks (this is for avoid people who only boost the server only for the offer and then delete the boost after purchasing).

Join to the Discord Server.

Will I unlock songs in the game with LEZ+?

No, you won't unlock any specific song, every song in the game is completely free to play.