The dev progress #1 about the 0.19.0 update

05/13/2024 - Development news

Hi players, it’s me, the lead developer of LEZ. I know you guys are still waiting for the 0.19.0 update, and I got news about it and some stuff that I can show.

We officially have dedicated servers for the game, one thing that is very important for the game because of how it is now, this also brings new ways to interact with LEZ outside the game, plus this also will make some upcoming features more easier and secure.

About the code of the game, we made an entirely framework for Unity, mainly made for LEZ but also with the objective to someday release it and useful for any type of games. As we said in the previous announcement about this update, we have made a set of tools to facilitate the development of LEZ, in the end there is a big difference both in the code and in the number of tools within the framework. The main objective with this framework is to bring simple but very powerful tools and solutions that are common in the game development area, and with the most important thing, user friendly.

Here we show you some images of before and after.



We're making a lot of improvements and changes for this update, mainly in the backend of the game (Code, technical features, and other things), which is one of the reasons of why the game is taking a lot of time, we were showing some videoclips and other stuff of what we made and we still working on in the official Discord server, I would recommend you to join if you want to get updates about the update of the game, we were talking a lot there :)

We were also thinking about a promise for this update due to the long wait, and that is that we are going to put a large number of songs where we already have the permissions, we will not tell you what those songs are, but there are many songs.

We are also working on many other things but I don't want to reveal it yet, plus this news will be long later, so I leave you with everything I have mentioned here, I remind you that you can join the official Discord server in case want to receive updates or even talk about anything or even LEZ. I'm leaving now, I still have to cook the spaghetti of my code to continue updating the game, see you :D


// Founder & CEO of Daztrax Studios and lead developer of LEZ