If you want to play an available beta version of LEZ, here's the full guide of how to install a beta version.

Before trying any beta version, please take in mind that it may have some errors or may be laggy, that's why it's on beta, to test it and fix those issues.

Follow the next steps to install the beta version.

Select "LEZ" in your Steam library, click on the "Manage" button, and then open the game properties.

On the properties menu, if the option is available, go to the "Betas" section.

If the option is not available, that means that there's no betas available

Open the selection from the "Beta Participation" option, and select "public-beta"

Once you select the "public-beta" option, it's time to update the game and now you will be able to play the beta.

You can return to the normal/stable version from the same "Betas" section.

And that's it! If you find any issues, please report those bugs in-game from the options menu or from our Discord server.

Thanks for helping us!